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How The Carolina Panthers Can Upset The Detroit Lions

The Panthers have to run the ball more than they did against the Titans. Photo by Zumapress/Icon SMI

How can the Carolina Panthers upset the Detroit Lions? Well read this review of the Carolina Panthers at the Detroit Lions game and you will find out. After a flat post bye performance against the Titans, Carolina has no pressure but the Lions do.

Detroit started out hot this season but quickly fell back to earth. The lack of a running game and a complimentary wide receiver to Calvin Johnson has hurt the vaunted Lions offense in 2011. The Lions can pass but can’t run; on defense they can defend the pass but not the run.

Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback and Calvin Johnson is all world but only tight end Brandon Pettigrew gives Stafford an other option. Jahvid Best is a nice all round running back but he is injured all the time.

For the Carolina Panthers to upset the Detroit Lions, Cam Newton has to play well. He needs to stop pouting and keep his head in the game unlike the way he acted against the Titans.

The Lions get lots of pressure on the quarterback but Cam Newton has the skill set to roll away from Suh in the middle and make plays on the outside. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart need more carries to get into a rhythm. If the Panthers can get their running game going then that keeps Stafford and Johnson off the field.

I really hope Shockey will be able to play for the Carolina Panthers against the Detroit Lions.Detroit tends to play rough if not dirty and Shockey thrives in games like that. Of course Steve Smith does as well.

On defense the Carolina Panthers must pressure Stafford and double team Johnson. Let Stafford dink and plink to Pettigrew if he has to. Avoiding big plays to Calvin Johnson is the key for the Panthers defense to play well. Hopefully the Panthers defense won’t make Maurice Morris look like Billy Sims or Barry Sanders this week.

The Lions punt return team is average at best and that is good news for a bad specials teams unit that the Carolina Panthers put on the field. The Lions have given up one return for a touchdown this season so maybe Armanti Edwards can make a play as a returner this week.

With the pressure on Detroit, the Carolina Panthers can upset the Lions with some early big plays. If Carolina can take the crowd out of the game that will improve their chances of a win in Detroit.


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